Especially historical documents and books, are related to the Treat of Lausanne provided by İnönü Foundation and Turkish History Foundation, belongings and caricatures of İsmet İnönü,
the second president who signed the Treaty of Lausanne, are exhitibited in the musem. Lausenne Museum is open the visitors on working days between 8.30 – 17.30

Introduction Floor: National Struggle

Corridor: Mile Fighting Chronology, Mondros Armistice, Sevres Agreement and Lausanne Maps.

Room A: Biographies;

Chamber B: The National Struggle period Edirne meetings, Trakya Pasha and the Thrace Anatolian and Rumelia Defense of the Association of Law,
Information and documents about the seizure of provincial administration by the association, Thrace Congresses (Lüleburgaz and Edirne Congress),
Edirne newspapers of the National Struggle period.

Chamber C: Some measures taken against the occupation of Thrace, occupation of Thrace by Greek soldiers and captivity of Cafer Tayyar Pasha,
the Greek period of invasion and correspondence about the protests, the memories of the occupation period, letters, documents and pictures about the deportations.

Room D: the road to the liberation of Thrace; Anatolian Victory, the National Struggle, Trakya Militia forces,
Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s belief in the acquisition of the Thrace case, the Mudanya Armistice and the preparations for the evacuation of Thrace are explained with documents and pictures.

First Floor: Salvation of Thrace and Lausanne

Corridor: Chronology of Lausanne, Edirne Province map and population information of the period (1914).

The three rooms (F, G, H rooms) show how the Treaty of Lausanne served the Thracian liberation, in detail, with original and signed documents.