Built and called “My Masterpiece” by Sinan the Architect at the age of 80, Selimiye Mosque is a magnum opus piece of world architecture as well as Turkish-Islamic architecture. The core and the central unit of Selimiye Complex is the mosque and other unites include Dar’ul Kurra Madrasa (Selimiye Foundation Museum of Edirne), Dar’ul Hadis Madrasa (Museum of Turkish-Islamic Works of Art), Primary School. Clock House (Muvakkithane) the courtyard with shadirvan and the outer courtyard.

Arasta Bazaar, was built by Davut Ağa the Architect druing the reign of Murat III, in order to yield income for the mosque. According to Evliya Chelebi, 27.760 pouches of money, that is, 550.000.000 coins were spent for the construction of the mosque by order of Sultan Selim II in 1568. Selim II’s life did not last long enought to see the mosque and he died before he saw the mosque complete.

Beign a symbol of Edirne and Turkish-Islamic architecture, the mosque was built on the most visible spot of the city, called Sarıbayır or Kavak Square, where the first Ottoman Palace of Edirne, built by Yıldırım Bayezid, the Thunderbolt, once stood. The selection of the location shows that Sinan was a very important city planner as well as he was an architect.

Thanks to this selection, the mosque strikes the eyes with its mass and minarets even from the most distant spots in the city.