Saraçlar Caddesi was the center and the most vibrant bazaar in Edirne after it was shut down in 2008.
Istanbul’s Istiklal Street in Edirne is Saraçlar Street.
Food, cafe, shopping and history are intertwined in Saraçlar Street.
You can find many banks and branches of PTT in this area.
There are nice and cheap hotels to stay near the street.
Celebrations are made on important days and weeks, and stands are set up.
There are many ornamental pools along the street and the directions are used by the public.
For example, to go to the fish market, you must turn right from the fish statue while going down the street.
The historical Alipasa Bazaar (Grand Bazaar) is also located on Saraclar Street.
There are 130 stores and 6 doors in the historical bazaar.
Around the street, you can find liver food and meatballs that serve each other nicely.