Saraçhane Bridge, located across Tunca River near Saraçhane in th enorthwest of the city was built by the order of Hadım Şahabeddin Pasha, a famous vizier of the reigns of Murad II and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror who also has a mosque, imaret and caravanserai in Plovdiv and several mosques in Edirne.

The bridge has eigh abutments and ten arches. Today, this bridge connects Edirne and Sarayiçi and called Saraçhane Bridge instead of Şahabeddin Paş Bridge.

The railings of the bridge have lost originality during time. The Bridge has 120 m. long and 5 m. wide. The arches at the sides of the stone bridge with 11 abutmentst and 12 lancet arches are buried in the ground.

The fender piles are triangular and there is a beautiful History Kiosk (Insription Kiosk) in the shape of a mihrab.