It is known that the Odrysians, a Thracian tribe, established a settlement around Meriç River. While the name of the settlement was initially “Orestia”, the name of the city changed into Orestides following the conquest of Macedonians.

In later period, Romans and Byzantines named by the region Orestia. During the Greek invasion, the city was named “Orestiada”. Emigrating from Karaağaç with the Treaty of Lausanne, Greeks established a town in Greece and named it “Nea Orestiada”.

Abdurrahman Hibri mentions apricot trees in the region and calls the place “Old Maraş” in his Enil-ül Müsamirin. In the same period, Demirtaş (Timurtaş) Village and Farm was ne ar Karaağaç.

Timurtaş Pasha was among the high-rank officers of Murad I. and The Thunderbolt periods and the region was given privy to him. The only structure from this village that has reached our day is Demirtaş Mosque, was built by Edirneli Sefer Chelebi who had made a fortune in Egypt.