Edirne Hire Guide

Edirne is home to a very rich culture as it is someone who unites Anatolia and Europe. There are 612 historical artifacts that reflect the best Ottoman-Turkish in Edirne. There are dozens of other historical artifacts worth seeing, even though they have only come as ruins until today. We are one of them; Edirne Selimiye Mosque, Edirne Üç Şerefeli Mosque, Historical Caravanserai (being restored as of 2021), Meriç Bridge and Old Mosque.

Edirne Tourist Guide

Edirne Tourist Guide is with you to help your family, friends, guests or your tourist on the Edirne tour. You can choose us to get professional guidance on the types you organize in Edirne. For special tours and questions upon request, you can reach us directly by calling our numbers on our contact page or by sending a message via WhatsApp.