Gazimihal Bridge is the first bridge across Tunca River that has reached our day from Ottoman period.

It was built by Gazi Mihal Bey of Mihaloğulları, who was aByzantine Lord, later converted to Islam and became a raider, in the northwest of the city on the way to Bulgaria, in 1420. Historical resources suggest that there was already a bridge, built by Mikhael Palailogos in the Byzantine period, but Gazi Mihal Bey had that bridge almost reconstructed.

Gazimihal Bridge is the first stone bridge that was built across Tunca River after the conquest of Edirne. The bridge has 125 m. long and 5.50 m. of wide with nine lancet arches. Moreover, there is an inscription which states that Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent had repaired the bridge in 1544.

The drainage system of the bridge is quite interesting. The bridge was damaged in the earthquake of 1765 and flawlessly rebuilt for 11.000 sari liras over the same groundwork during the reign of Abdulhamit II by a commission consisting of Istefaneski X, also known as Çatal Sakal (fork beard), Rüştü Bey, the Head of General Staff, Şevki Bey, Evkaf Accountant and Mustafa Vaskı Bey of the gentry, who brought builders from Haya.