Turkey, the most western city of Edirne; It can be defined as the attraction center of the region with its proximity to Greece and Bulgaria, border gates and geographical location. Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 90 years and hosted the Thracians, Rome and Byzantium, has inherited many historical inheritances from all these civilizations. Edirne continues to create added value for the population living in the region by reconciling its values with its own culture. The City of Sultans, which contains the works awarded and protected by UNESCO, has become a touristic center with the increasing number of tourists.

What to See in Edirne Turkey

General Information About Edirne

Would you like to start planning your holiday in Edirne? With our guide, you can make sure everything runs smoothly on time. The wide range of Edirne attractions caters for all budgets – whether you want to indulge yourself on a luxury trip or just want a comfortable time to rest between your sightseeing, after all, there is a huge area to explore, and there is no better way to feel like a local. With almost 400,000 inhabitants, Edirne population is the westernmost city in Turkey. Among the travelers, Edirne is known as a year-round destination, but definitely the best Edirne weather is during Summer and the October.

What To Do In Edirne Turkey

Edirne serves primarily as a trading for agricultural products, mainly grapes. The main products of the city are textiles and raw materials, leather goods and carpets, as well as rose water and oil. Different from other liver recipes with its thin cut, Edirne pan-fried liver(Edirne ciğeri) enchants with its flavor.

The oldest buildings are the ruins of the Roman city walls with a tower, the Macedonian Tower. The Selimiye Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage, built in 1575 by the Sinan, is the most famous structure. Other Edirne mosques worth seeing are the Eski Cami, Üç Şerefeli Cami – mosque with three balconies and the building complex of Sultan Beyazıd II, located in the northwest outside the center, which contained a medical school, a hospital, guest houses, a Turkish bath (Hamam), administration building and a primary school around a mosque.

Edirne has three historical bazaars, the Ali Pasha Bazaar and the Arasta Bazaar, both built by Sinan, and the oldest, the Bedesten Bazaar (1418). The dealers are now hardly of any importance for the supply of everyday items or groceries, which the large Edirne malls have taken over here as well. Many market stalls now mainly offer specialties such as spices or flavored soap in the form of fruit and vegetables as souvenirs.

The ruins of the old sultan’s Edirne palace – a well-preserved Ottoman tower and a hunting lodge. The beautiful and renovated bridges of Edirne were built in Ottoman times over the Tunca and the Meriç. Also worth seeing are the old Ottoman wooden houses in the old town of Kaleiçi. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church of St. George and the Church of St. Constantine and Helena, which have been restored in recent years, are still preserved.

In Edirne there is also an archaeological museum with finds from Thrace as well as a museum for Turkish art. In an attractive old train station on the disused line, a memorial is now housed in memory of the Treaty of Lausanne. In front of the building is a several meters high steel memorial, reminding of the War of Independence and the Treaty of Lausanne as the birth of the republic. Among so many attractions for local tourists there are other important things to see;

Edirne Uzunköprü Bridge – This is the longest stone bridge in the world. This bridge is a very interesting building, still passable by car and nice to look at. The bridge was built across the river by the Ottomans to continue their conquests.

Edirne Justice Palace – The building in Edirne Sarayiçi actually consists of two parts. The tower and the pavilion rising above it and covered with a pyramid-shaped cone.

Mosque of Selim ıı – The Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is considered the masterpiece of the important architect Sinan and the highlight of Ottoman Empire. The great facade is continued inside in the cleverly arranged light inlets, magnificent design and crafted marble works of art.

Edirne Meric Bridge – Was constructed in both Sultan Abdülmecit and Mahmut the 2nd period and still continues its present existence flawlessly. Considering the features and structure of the bridge, we can say that its length is 263 m. It is also determined to be approximately 7m in terms of width.

Edirne City Museum – The City Museum, located in the opposite the Selimiye Mosque, is a truly wonderful museum. A beautiful place, a museum that reconciles the old with the new.

Edirne Entertainment, Food & Drink and Accommodation

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Where Is Edirne Province?

Edirne is located in the Bulgarian-Greek-Turkish border. Edirne is in the European part of Turkey. At the same time, it is also the center of the district. The former capital of the Ottoman Empire is now the center of the province of the same name.

Entry and import regulations of Edirne Kapıkule for tourists can change at short notice without notifying the Foreign Office beforehand. You can only obtain binding information on the entry and customs regulations for importing goods from the representatives.

Start your vacation the right way with the flight to Edirne Airport and arrive quickly and relaxed in the south-east of Europe. Discover the ancient city, which was the center of the region for a long time, and visit the impressive churches of the various religions.

How Far Is Edirne From Istanbul?

Edirne is located about 220 km west of Istanbul near the border triangle. There are many ways to travel from Edirne to Istanbul. The quickest way by car takes just about two and a half hours.

History Of Edirne (Adrianople)

The battle for Adrianople Turkey, a city in the southeast Europe, now part of Turkey under the name Edirne( former capital of the Ottoman Empire), was the last decisive battle that led to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. This also decided the outcome of the First Balkan War, which was initiated in 1912 in order to liberate the areas that were still under Turkish rule. The victory at Adrianople also accelerated other periods in Turkey itself: Almost 10 years after the battle, the remnants of the Ottoman Empire became the modern Turkish Republic.

Just after the conquest of Edirne (1361), the traditional system of tribal warfare had to become

In the case of customary law the Turkish cavalry warriors. Janissary grew during the 14th century. Structured under Sultan Murad I and was established in 1826 by

Sultan Mahmut II forcibly smashed. Rising from Christian slaves Islamized under duress, the Ottoman Janissaries developed into a military elite wide range of tasks, which differ from the main role

In the Ottoman army, on the function of fortress garrisons in the provinces like Edirne. For more information, please visit https://edirnerehber.com/edirne-about/