Defterdar Mosque, II. During the Selim period, Mustafa Pasha had been built by Mimar Sinan. It is located on the Talat Pasha Street, northwest of the Sitti Sultan Mosque.

The building is in a large courtyard. The sources are also known as Defterdar Mosque, Defterdar Mustafa Çelebi Mosque and Defterdar Kara Mustafa Paşa Mosque.

Evliya Çelebi, the dome of the harim (ie mosque) is splendid; minaretının, according to this dome is said to be built proportional. The dome of the mosque collapsed in the earthquake of 1752; In the 1870s, the repair, which was built by Hacı Ruşen Efendi, stated that the harim was covered with a wooden roof.

The dome, the place of the last congregation, the crowns and the windows were renovated in accordance with the original, during the repairs carried out by the Directorate General of Foundations in 1953 and 1962.